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Out of state application form


This page is for certain individuals who are licensed in another state in the United States and who wish to apply online.


Before you begin


  • We encourage you to review a PDF version of the application so you're familiar with the application requirements.
  • You won't be able to pay online. However, we don't require payment up front. Instead, we will review your application and determine your fee. We'll let you know what payment you need to send.
  • You'll be required to submit documentation, such as a certification letter from the state where you're licensed. You have two options for submitting this documentation.
    • Option 1: upload the documentation with the online application. At the end of the form, there's a button for you to upload the documents. Please be sure to have them ready when you apply, and please make sure the scanned documents are legible.
    • Option 2: submit the application without the required documents. We'll notify you of any additional documentation we need.
  • You can't stop the application and then continue it at a later point. Please only start the application when you're ready to complete the application from start to finish.


Is this the right form?


You should only use this form if ALL of the following apply:


  • You currently hold a valid barber license in another state in the United States;
  • You've practiced as a licensed barber for three of the past five years;
  • You don't have any open complaints or disciplinary proceedings in the state where you're licensed;
  • You've EITHER attended barber school for at least 1,500 hours OR you've practiced as a licensed barber for at least five years.


If any of the items don't apply to you, you cannot use this form. Instead, please contact the board staff for assistance.


When you're ready to apply....


  • Don't start the application until you're ready to complete it and you've collected any materials you want to submit.
  • When you start the application, you'll receive a verification code at your email address. Please use this code to continue the application.
  • If you've reviewed the "Before you begin" section above and are ready to apply, please click here.




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