Board of Barber


Needed: exam inspector


Note: this is a contract position, not a staff position


The board is looking for individuals interested in serving as exam inspectors.  These inspectors will administer and score monthly exams for individuals applying to be apprentice and registered barbers.


In order to qualify, you must meet the following requirements:


  • You must be a licensed barber, and preferably a licensed instructor
  • You cannot be actively practicing as a North Carolina barber and in competition with other licensees over which the board has jurisdiction.


Please note that many licensees will be disqualified by the second requirement above.  However, this requirement is established by state law.  Also, please note that the work is not guaranteed from month-to-month, and it is only for a maximum of two to four days of work each month.


If you are interested, you may submit a contract proposal to the email address below.  The proposal should include any proposed fees.


If you have any questions about this announcement or the requirements, please contact us at




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