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Below are the board's forms and applications in PDF format.  If you have any questions about these forms or the application process, please contact the staff.


Note: please check your form to make sure you've completed all required fields and that the form is notarized (if required).




  • License and permit renewals.  Select this option to access our online renewal system if you're trying to renew your license or permit. Renewals take place from January 1 to May 31. By law, you must renew online unless you get a waiver or your license is expired.
  • Late license renewal. This option is only for individuals whose license is expired and who will have late fees. Please do not use this form to renew license that hasn't expired. Please print this form and submit it with a check, cashier check, or money order (no cash). If you need to know how much you owe, please contact the board.
  • Free license renewal (only if you're at least 70 years old) . Use this form if you're renewing your individual licenses (apprentice barber, registered, or barber instructor) and you're at least 70 years old.  Please note that we may request proof of your age if we don't have that information in our records.
    • Online form. You must be at least 70 years old. We will receive a copy of the form by email. You won't need to mail anything to us.
    • Paper form. You must be at least 70 years old. Please return the form to the address at the top of the form.


Applications for individuals


  • Apprentice barber exam application
    • Online application. Use this option to apply and pay for your exam fees online. We recommend this option because exams are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and this option gets your application to us quicker.
    • Paper application. Use this option if you prefer to print and mail your application.
    • Pay to retake your exam. If you failed one or both parts of the exam, select this option to pay to retake your exams. Please note that you should wait to get a letter from us before trying to pay online.
    • Pay for your apprentice permit. Select this option if you passed both parts of the exam and received a letter from us instructing you to pay your permit fee.
    • Permission to work. If approved by the board, this temporary permit allows an applicant to work while waiting to take the exam. There are restrictions on how these temporary permits can be used and how many can be issued. For example, we will not issue a temporary permit if there isn't an apprentice barber exam application on file.
  • Registered exam application
    • Application form.  Use this option to print and mail your application.  Please make sure that you have a current apprentice-barber permit and you've been an apprentice barber for at least one year.
    • Pay to retake your exam.  If you failed your exam, select this option to pay to retake the exam.  Please note that you should wait to get a letter from us before trying to pay online.
    • Affidavit form. Some barbers may have worked at multiple shops during their apprenticeship.  Use this option if you need to print additional copies of the affidavit form.
    • Restore registered license.  Use this form if your registered-barber license has been lapsed for more than five years and you want to reinstate the license.
  • Instructor exam application.  Use this form to apply to become a barber instructor.
  • Out-of-state application . If you are a barber in another state and you want to receive a license in North Carolina, please use this form.  Please note that not all out-of-state applicants should use this form, but the form has a series of questions to see if you qualify.
    • Online application. Use this option to submit an online application. Please note that you won't have the option to pay online, but once we review your application, we'll notify you of the fee you'll need to pay.
    • Paper application. Use this option if you prefer to print and mail your application.
    • Note for military members, veterans, and military spouses: if you are a member of the military, a veteran, or the spouse of a member of the military, you may be eligible for endorsement without meeting all of the requirements described in this application.  Please see our FAQ page with information about the different requirements for you, and please feel free to contact the board staff with questions.


Forms for shops


  • Overview of process. This informational flowchart shows you the process to open a new shop.
  • Barber-shop permit application
    • Online application. Use this option to apply for a barber-shop permit and pay assoicated fees online. We recommend this option because your application will be processed quicker.
    • Video tutorial for the online application. You can watch a video tutorial if you need assistance applying online.
    • Paper application. Use this application if you prefer to submit a paper application rather than applying online. Please note that paper applications take longer to process, and we recommend that you apply online instead.
  • Laws. You may also want to review the board's laws for barber shops.
  • Change of manager.  If you have a change in mananger, you must file this form to notify the board.  There is no fee for this form.
  • Re-inspection for structural changes in a barber shop.  If you make structural changes in your shop, you must submit this application to have an inspection.


Forms for schools


  • Student-permit application. [Online application | Paper application] Schools will use this form for students they're enrolling.  Students should contact their school about the permit application rather than downloading it from here.
  • Barber school applicationNote: we strongly encourage you to contact us before submitting this application so we can discuss the application process and assist you.
  • School manual.  This guide helps schools with regulatory compliance and will give prospective schools a sense of what their obligations and facility requirements will be.




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